Tool Papers (PDF) & Links

Digital Wood Carver

Epilog Laser

the DIY Smart Saw

Building The Desktop Version CNC

Configuring Your PC and Desktop CNC App

Power Supply
Mean Well SP-320-48

Stepper Motor
Nema 23

Stepper Motor Driver Power Step
PSD8079-2P -2014-RS

CNC Breakout Board Interface

CNC Spindle Motor

Linear Ball Bearings

Linear Guide Flange Blocks

KCAM4 User Manual
Ver 4.0.25

Max32 User Manual v1


NOTE: Very Large Files!

KCam Desk Proto Post Processor

KCam Free Mill Post Processor

KCam Post Processors V Carve


Turbo CNC

Parts - Additional Info.rar

Linux cnc 2.7 wheezy .iso

Sketch Up Make-en-x64 .exe

Sketch Up Pro -en .exe


Front Base Frame 1

Front Base Frame 2

Front Base Frame 3

Back Base Frame 1

Back Base Frame 2

Back Base Frame 3

Bottom Frame Cover

Side Base Frame

Side Base Frame 2

Plastic Bush Collar

Spindle Support

Up and Back Enclosure - X and Z Axis

Up and Bottom Board of the Drivers Enclosure

Left and Right Board of the Drivers Enclosure

Back Board of the Drivers Enclosure

X Axis Board

X Axis Motor Support

X Axis Movement Guide

X Axis Support - Left Side

X Axis Support - Right Side

Y Axis Board

Y Axis Linear Guide Rails Support

Y Axis Movement Guide

Z Axis Board

Z Axis Motor Support

Z Axis Movement Guide

Z Axis Threaded Drive Rod Ends


Hobby Part 1.mp4

Hobby Part 2.mp4

Hobby Part 3.mp4

Hobby Part 4.mp4

Hobby Part 5.mp4

Hobby Part 6.mp4

Hobby Part 7.mp4

Hobby Part 8.mp4



Video Review V1.mp4


91 Asian Coffee Table .skp

Asian Open Coffee Table .skp

Asian Coffee Table .skp

Aspire V Carve Pro

Macy's Coffee Table .skp

kcam4.00.60 .exe

Lazy Cam Install 3.0.11 .exe

Mach 3 Version 3.043.066 .exe

Mach 3 Install & Config pdf

Mill Wizard Installer Version_2.0.5 .exe

Par Tester Setup v 101 .exe

Free CNC Prtojects