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Organic Farming Orginizations

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Organic Farming Orginizations

NOTE: These are posted for staff and student curriculum / development use.

Certifying Organizations

USDA Cretification

National Organic Program (NOP)
How To Locte An Organic Certification Agency?

Washington State Organic Processor New Application

Certified Organic Farms Database
Worldwide and Stateside


Florida Organic Growers, P.O. Box 12311, Gainesville, FL 32604

Phone: (352) 377-6345 Fax: (325) 377-6345
E-mail fogoffice@aol.com

OCIA International Inc.

Organic Crop Improvement Association, 1001 Y Street Suite B, Lincoln, NE 68508

Phone: (402) 477-2323 Fax: (402) 477-4325

Organic Inspector

Staci Burwick -Tennessee Crop Inprovment Association Organic Inspector

2640-C Nolensville Rd., Nashville TN 37211

Phone: (615)242-0467 Fax: (615) 248-3461

Organic Plug and Transplant Production


Organizational Contacts

Dan Strasser
E-Mail: danstrasser@mail.state.tn.us

Peggy Lynn - Madison Creek Farms
Phone: (615) 851-1252

Athena Bradley - E-Mail: -tamsen@xtn.net Tamsen Farm, 1253 Pressmens Home Rd., Rogersville, TN
37857 Phone: (423)272-5163 Fax: (423) 272-5163

Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Market Development Division, E-mail: jerry.ray@state.tn.us
Jerry Ray, Phone (615) 837-5517
website: www.picktnproducts.org

Other Links

List of pest control materials the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has reviewed

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA)