Housetraining Checklist



    Very strongly recommend crate training. You will help him to have a safe place. And you will be working with his instincts to not wet where he sleeps.

     This is a great way also to strengthen his bladder muscles a little at a time. Without the crate- the urge comes- then he pees and nothing is stopping him.

     Likely elimination times

     If you go outside and he doesn't do his business but you know that he is full and should. Put him back in the crate with a chew toy and try again in about 30 minutes. If not, you will have an accident on the carpet.

    DO NOT leave him in the crate for too long of a period of time. If he soils his bedding then you have set yourself back a few days... Make sure to clean it up quickly- use the vinegar formula and get it smelling like home again- not a bathroom.

    Here are some general times that you should leave your puppy in the crate without a potty break.
 Like people- puppies are unique so yours may go less or more... just a rule of thumb.

Now keep in mind- 3 out of my 4 personal dogs beat these times by hours- but- remember we don't want to set the puppy up for failure.

    If you are needing to leave a new puppy for longer than these guidelines- you may chose to do the papertraining until you return.

  One idea is to use the kitchen floor- easy to clean up- lay paper down and put up confinement baby gates.

   Always go with your puppy outside- especially in the beginning for two reasons. 1) you want to make sure he went.
2) you want to praise him and give the verbal command at the same time

   Always go to the same area-when cleaning up the mess- leave a little every time.  Make sure to do this routine for several weeks- the praise when he pottys- THEN you can slack off and let him go alone.

   If he starts to go inside- make a sound and pick him up- take him outside and praise him when he goes. IF he has already done the deed- DO NOT punish him- He will not associate the poop for the punishment. You have to catch him doing the deed.

   After two to three weeks without an accident, you can add another room that he is unsupervised. If an accident happens, take the room back...



Crate Pointers


    Begin crate training right away- aka- first day home with puppy

  You can use small treats to get him comfortable going into the crate.

   When he is in there- close door for a few minutes... Continue this the first day and each time- extend the time he is in there...
He is learning that you will let him out- KEEP in mind all the rules so far about not giving in when he is barking or whining. If you let him out then, he is trained to whine to get out.

  HAVE FUN- Yes, it's a little hard work the first few days but then you have a best friend for life.